Fingerprint scanners are present in every high-end phones, but with screen bezels becoming thinner, alongside overall design, companies are trying to develop new ways of implementing fingerprint scanners. Some embed them into power buttons, some in home buttons, but the next step is to implement them into the display.

The technology is already there, and one of the first phones to use it could be Xiaomi’s Mi Mix II, but it isn’t the only one. Apple is reportedly also working on a built-in fingerprint scanner, which will replace the Touch ID.

Apple won’t be using Synaptics’ Natural ID touch fingerprint sensor, Qualcomm’s Sense ID nor the Goodix’s fingerprint technology for its new OLED iPhones, but its own solution. The company will use Authentec algorithm combined with Privaris glass identification technology, which will be manufactured using TSMC’s 12-inch line and 65nm process technology.