It’s barely a few months ago since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released to the market, that the release of iPhone 7 is already breaking the internet. Experts are coming up with a broad range of speculations about the coming generation of Apple iPhones, based on the price, features and the release of the past iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5. This post looks at what to expect during the hyped release of the next generation iPhone.

As a quick heads-up, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were not the 6th iPhones as the name seems to suggest. They were the 11th and the 12th iPhones in the Apple’s ninth phone generation. You should therefore not be caught up in the illusion that iPhone 7 is automatically the 7th iPhone.

iPhone 7 Release Date Rumors

Even if Apple has not revealed its iPhone 7 release date, its past smartphone launches give a hint of when to expect the release. Over the past five years, there has been a notable trend of when Apple unveils its smartphones. Apart from iPhone 4 which was released on an October, iPhones 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus were all released in the months of September. It is not rocket science to predict that iPhone 7 will be entering the market in September 2016.

There are also rumors that iPhone 7 release date could be as early as next summer. These rumors are from mooted supply chain sources, but as it has always been, this kind of stories has always been proven wrong in the past. It is unlikely for the company to change the cycle since an early upgrade could be infuriating for those customers who recently bought the latest model.

Apple launches its smartphones once every year and is known to keep the same design for at least two generations before they unveil a new physical redesign. iPhone 7 is therefore expected to be different from iPhone 6 and 6s, both in design and look. The chances are that iPhone 7 will be more durable.

The chassis of iPhone 7 will be made of other material. According to a reliable source, the last iPhones to be made of metal were the iPhone 6s and 6s plus even after the recent upgrade to 7000-series aluminum. In the past releases, materials like sapphire, ceramics, and even plastics have been ruled out as possibilities, but everyone is anticipating what the new smartphone will be made of.

Some of the expected new features of iPhone 7 include:


There has been a rumor since 2014 that the next iPhone will be waterproof, but it could now be official according to Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site that pointed out that Apple is now testing out waterproof designs for the new smartphone generation. Apple was also granted the Plasma-Assisted Chemical Deposition, (PACVD) patent which will allow them to coat the internal components to make them water resistant.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging has been an anticipated development of the upcoming Apple devices for a long time, but it could now come to the realm of reality this time round. It was only introduced as inductive charging in the Apple Watch and not as expected with the iPhone 6s. The technology did not work with an aluminum backplate, but Qualcomm announced that there has been a wireless breakthrough meaning that Apple smartphones can now embrace the new technology.

No SIM card

According to various news, Apple and several other smartphone manufacturers are in the process of coming up with a standard built-in electronic SIM. This means that the 2016 generation iPhones will most probably use an Apple-branded software in place of the regular SIM card.

Anti-overheating technology

To curb the overheating of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple has acquired a patent that will ensure an automatic capping of power usage thereby cooling down. The power usage adjustment will be made possible by a built-in temperature sensor. The use of this technology in the iPhone 7 will address the overheating issues.

iPhone 7 Price Range

As usual, the price of the iPhone 7 is not officially out, and you would not expect to hear the exact price before the release date. Inferring from the company’s launch patterns, including its price structures, you can easily get a hint of what to expect. The price of iPhone 6s starts from $649 heading upwards. The price of iPhone 7 could be roughly close to that, or relatively higher especially if they upgrade the 16GB model.