5 Best Desktop Chargers For 2016


A desktop charger is invaluable for anyone who has multiple USB-powered devices. Such a charger can enable you to charge multiple devices like tablets, phones and others from a single mains outlet. Therefore, if you own such devices, then you need to acquire a top-notch desktop charger.

The ultimate question is: how do you select the perfect desktop charger? Well, we have simplified the process for you. Here is a selection of the best desktop chargers for 2016. As such, whether you desire a charger to sit on your desk, or one to take on your travels, you’ll find the perfect one among these top 5.

Best Chargers 2016: #1 Tronsmart Titan

Tronsmart TitanThis desktop charger is aptly named “Titan”. It is an absolute beast. In terms of size (it is 160 x 81 x 28mm), it is twice as large as most desktop chargers. Its weight of 229g also outstrips most chargers. In a nutshell, this isn’t the type of charger to take on your travels. It is clearly designed to sit on your desk.

The Titan’s size is justified by its charging options. It has five Quick Charge USB ports. This is a massive number, given that most desktop chargers have either one or two such ports. The Titan’s ports support Quick Charge 2.0.

Quick Charge is a technology designed for Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9). It reduces charging time by up to 75 percent. The fact that Titan has five Quick Charge ports makes it extremely efficient.

The Titan’s ports support a maximum of 18W. Unlike other chargers, the watts don’t reduce even if the maximum number of devices is connected. The ports also support Volt IQ. In a nutshell, the Tronsmart Titan is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a charger to sit on their desk.

Best Chargers 2016: #2 CHOEtech 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger

CHOEtech 60W 6-port Desktop USB ChargerThis desktop charger has six USB ports – one of the largest numbers found on such a gadget. Four of the six are standard ports, while two are Quick Charge 2.0 ports. The charger has a total output of 60W, meaning that each port can receive up to 10W. This is twice as high as most desktop chargers.

The CHOEtech Quick Charge ports can receive up to 12W. The device is also small and compact. It is just 71.5 x 29 x 88.4mm in size and weighs only 158g. This makes it much more portable than the Tronsmart Titan – and convenient enough to carry along on the travels.

Best Chargers 2016: #3 Aukey 5 Ports USB Charging Station

Aukey 5 Ports USB Charging StationThis desktop charger offers five charging ports. Only one of these ports supports Quick Charge 2.0 – which makes it best suited for those who don’t have multiple Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered devices.

The four standard ports on the Aukey share a total power output of 36W. Ordinarily, this would mean that when fully plugged in, each device received 9W. However, this charger has an in-built smart technology which automatically detects a device’s power requirements and sends it the right amount of wattage. Aukey calls this technology AlPower.

The distinguishing feature of the Aukey is that it looks quite stylish. It has a sleek curved design, with a polished matte finish. This makes it perfect for those who prefer a touch of style on their desktop. It is also considerably cheaper than the Choetech and Titan. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bargain desktop charger in 2016.

Best Chargers 2016: #4 iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger

iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall ChargerThis charger is designed to perfectly suit the needs of the traveler. It is small, compact and lightweight. Best of all, it offers up to six charging ports. This means that standard traveling gadgets like a smartphone, tablet, camera, mp3 player, e-book reader, smartwatch and fitness tracker can all get charged.

All the iClever’s charging ports are rated 12W. Even then, the charger’s total output is rated at 50W, not 72W as might have been expected. This may seem like a contradiction. However, the iClever is inbuilt with a technology called SmartID. This automatically detects the charging requirements of each device and delivers the right amount of wattage to it.

The iClever has a curved design which makes it relatively easy to pack. It is only 100 x 69 x 22mm in size and weighs just 180g. In a nutshell, it is the perfect charging system to carry on your travels in 2016.

Best Chargers 2016: #5 Lumsing 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger

Lumsing 40W 5-Port Desktop ChargerThis desktop charger is actually an upgraded version of the Lumsing DCH-5U 5-Port Charger. It is smaller, lighter and offers much more reliable tech than its predecessor. For starters, it no longer has the DCH-5U’s frustrating tendency to leave its LED light glowing even after being unplugged from the mains.

This desktop charger has 5 ports, with a total output of 40W. This means that when fully plugged in, each port receives 8W. This may seem slightly lower than other chargers, but given that the output for phones and tablets is 5W and 10W respectively, 8W is a decent output.

The only downside of the Lumsing (when compared to Choetech and Aukey) is that it doesn’t have a single Quick Charge 2.0 port. This makes it better suited for someone who doesn’t have a Qualcomm Snapdragon device.

However, the main advantage of this desktop charger is that it is extremely affordable. In fact, it is priced lower than all the desktop chargers on this list. This makes it the perfect device for someone who doesn’t have a QC Snapdragon device, and is looking for an affordable desktop charger.

In a nutshell, those are the 5 best desktop chargers for 2016. Therefore, in case you are looking for a simple solution for charging your multiple devices, then begin by looking at these gadgets. From the high performing Tronsmart Titan through mid-level Aukey and Chloetech to the low-performing Lumsing, you’ll find the perfect desktop charger.