PC gaming contributed a significant part of the revenue from the gaming market this year. Superdata reports the gaming market was worth $91 billion and $36 billion came from PC content. Much of the revenue was tied to “free-to-play online titles and downloadable games.”

Revenue from premium games reached $5.4 billion, a little behind the $6.6 billion attached to consoles. Overwatch had the most revenue of any premium PC game with $586 million. For PC games overall, Riot’s free-to-play League of Legends was on top with $1.7 billion.

After launching more than seven years ago, League of Legends is still on the top earning Riot $150 million per month. Dota 2 comes in second at $23.4 million per month this year, show fans’ hesitation to switch to another MOBA, – Superdata

It’s expected the free-to-play PC market will grow next year and there will be a slight decline in premium game revenue.